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The purpose of a Topping Shield is to protect the food products you have on display from becoming contaminated while on display. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) It is a not for profit organization that provides public health and safety safety risk management solutions. Among those solutions, NSF International provides standards development and product certification. Your local health department has developed their own a set of guidelines for Topping Shields. Usually these guidelines are the same or a little looser than the NSF Topping Shield guidelines. Glass Divider is a NSF certified manufacture of Topping Shields. Our manufacturing facility and our Topping Shields are inspected and re-certified every year. Evan though Glass Divider is NSF certified manufacture, and our food shield models have been inspected and citified, it doesn't guarantee you will pass your health department's inspection. Your health department will be looking at how your food shields are installed. Always review your plans with the health department inspector prior to your inspection.

At Glass Divider we want to meet your local health departments requirements without hiding or detracting from the products on display. Your customers shouldn't have to look around metal post and hunt for the food on display We build our Topping Shields from clear safety tempered glass using as little metal as possible. Our supports are made from clear glass. We don't have a metal frame to support the glass. We have engineered our Topping Shields so that the glass supports itself. Our supports are made from 1/2 safety tempered glass. To make our beautiful Topping Shield really sparkle they can be built from crystal clear glass. Crystal clear glass or low iron glass has very little color. When you look through crystal clear glass you can't tell it's there. You want your customers seeing your products not the Topping Shield or metal supports.  

C140 Condiment Shield

Full Service Topping Shield

C128 Condiment Shield

Self Service Topping Shield

Topping Shields break down into three basic categories. There are the "Full Service" or "Pass Over" food shields. Then there are the "Self Service" food shields, and finally the "Partition" food shields. NSF has developed a set of guidelines for each of these categories. The NSF guidelines are just that guidelines. Your local health department will determine your food shield requirements.