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C140 Full-Serve Food Shield
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C140 Full Service Food Shields (pass-over)

C140 Full Service Guards

The C140 food shield is a clean simple way to provide the required food shield protection. This style has a vertical front shield with a top shelf, and is available in two standard heights 18-3/4" and 22-3/4". The C140 is used on straight or curved counters. There is also a optional removable mid-shelf available. The bay size can be as small as 24" or as large as 84". Connect multiple bays together to build continuous serving lines.

C140 Food Shield
C140 Single Bay (Closed ends)
C140 Single Bay (Open support Ends)
C140 Single Bay (Sculptured Supports)
C140 Single Bay (Closed Supports)
C140 Single Bay (Deep Supports)
C140 Single Bay (Extended Supports)
(84 in. max bay size)
(84 in. max bay size)
(84 in. max bay size)
(84 in. max bay size - 11-1/2" deep)
(84 in. max bay size - 18" deep NSF)
(84 in. max bay size - 22" deep NSF)

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C140-Open C140-Sculp C140-Closed C140-Deep C140-Extend
Open Sculpture Closed Deep Extended

The C140 food shield has five standard supports styles made from Clear 1/2" safety glass To add extra sparkel the support can be from Crystal Clear glass. The "Open", and "Sculptured" supports are generally used as interior support to allow full counter access. The "Closed", "Deep", and "Extended" support are used as end support and shelf supports.

NSF Certified when Deep or Extended end supports are used and installed correctly.
  • Top Shelf ( 12", 18", 22" )
  • Mid Shelf ( 11", 17", 21" )
  • Radius Corners
  • Crystal Clear Glass
  • Glass Thickness (1/4", 3/8", 1/2")
C140-Installed C140- Open ends C140- Open ends C140-Close endsC140

Model C140 can be used for curved food shield. Sharp corners are possible with the C140. Custom safety tempered glass is manufactured to make a precise corner units.