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Self Service Island Sneeze Guards

The self service Island sneeze guard allows the customer to visually inspect the food choices and allows customer access while providing protection from the breath area (NSF has the breath area at 54-60" off the floor). This is typically accomplished by providing a glass shield to look through while the customer reaches under the shield to access the food. There are three styles of Self Service sneeze guards in the Crystalline family. Each product-line has its own individual attributes, but common to all of these is that the customer has direct access to the food and there is a glass shield they look through. There are links to the detailed specification for each model below.

C224 Island Sneeze Guard

C224-Island Sneeze Guard

This is the simplest Self Service Island sneeze guard style. It has It has a 45° slanted front shield. This island guard is basically two C124 sneeze guards placed back-to-back with closed ends. There are sever support style. The C224 has closed ends, and the C124-360 has a shield all the way around. This is a NSF certified product.

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C228 Island Sneeze Guard

C228-Island Sneeze Guard

The C228 has a 45° slanted shield and a top shelf. This the most popular style because of the top shelf display area. The C228 has back-to-back side shields. The C228-360 has a viewing shield on all four sides. This is a NSF certified sneeze guard.

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C130 Island Sneeze Guard

C230-Sneeze Guard

The C230 is unique sneeze guard in that the shield is flat. This is an approved sneeze guard configuration as long as the top shield is a minimum of 20" deep and has 13" clearance between the counter and the shield..

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