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C102 Sneeze Guard Partitions C130 Information Page
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The C130 sneeze guards are stylish and practical. This style has flat shield made from 3/8" Clear or Crystal Clear safety tempered glass. The shield is supported 13" off the counter surface. This sneeze guard is great if the customer is picking up something off a tray, but it doesn't work well over a soup well where the customer needs to use a ladle. The bay size can be as small as 24" or as large as 60", and it is possible to connect multiple bays together. This style sneeze guard can be made in custom shapes to match contoured counters.

C130 Example
C130 single Bay (Closed ends)
(60 in. max bay size)
Support Styles

The C130 sneeze guards have six standard supports styles made from 1/2" Clear or Crystal Clear safety glass. The Extended and Adj-Closed supports are used on the ends.